How to Write & Win Grants To Fund Your Community Vision..

Even If You Don't Know Where To Start

Learn Our Proven and Repeatable 5-Step System To Write & Win Grant Funding For Your Church or Nonprofit Ministry So You Can Create MORE Impact In Your Community


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It's Time To Build Your Community Vision With The Support of Grant Funding!  See proof below on what's possible!

You Will Learn How To...

  • Know The 6 Types of things that funders fund (Yep there’s more than one! And it’s so, so, so important that you choose the right “funding type” for your success and profits)!
  • Use Our 5 Step Tried & True System to Help You Write the Perfect Proposal (WITHOUT sending dozens of grant proposals to funders who aren't a good match for your organization)!
  • Use The Art & Science of a Grant Stacking System (not all funders are created equally, but our proven approach can help you build your funding support much more rapidly)! for Your Org and Your Community
  • Get our exact System so that you can start putting your ideas, outreach, and programs into your own grant writing and winning system for your church or nonprofit’s 6 AND 7 FIGURE programs.
  • The 5 (and ONLY) steps you need to focus on to get your grant proposal funded (Hint...this is pretty much the opposite of what you think you should be doing) Includes a Free Workbook

Even During The Pandemic our Grant Writing System (Which You Will Learn About On The Live class!) helped organizations generate over $500,000 in less than 12 months and serve thousands of people.

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This is a Must-Attend If...

  • You DON’T know where to START with grant writing for your church's community efforts.
  • You have NO KNOWLEDGE of the grant process and need someone just to point you in the right direction.  
  • You want to get FULLY up to speed on what’s working RIGHT NOW when it comes to writing grants that win (instead of second-guessing whether or not what you're trying is actually going to work).
  • You’ve been trying to FIND grant funding for your organization for months (or years) but don't know what grants are available or where to begin looking.
  • You lack the FUNDING your need to grow your vision, and feel your only way out is to hire a grant writer, but you are just getting started and don't have the resources to invest.


JOIN US  Save Your Seat + receive the Free companion Workbook


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Angela & Victor (The Myles Factor)

YOU ARE NEEDED! If you represent a church or ministry that needs grants and other funding to support your work but have NO idea how to get started then you are in the right place. You have a passion to serve others in your community and you know you have a bigger purpose to reach those outside of the walls of your church, or you have an outreach but feel like you are spinning your wheels and are strapped for cash, or maybe you want to grow your community influence and reach the masses and know you are called to those in need.  

Get ready because this Training was created just for you.

Listen, we get it.... you don't know what life looks like for your organization in the next few months let alone the near future, and we get it.  But what we do know is that Even In Times of crisis and uncertainty, you need to know how to navigate your funding success so you can increase your chances of getting grant funding now and in the future so you can hit the ground running virtually or on-site. Our biggest funding breakthrough came during a time of crisis in our country. And like you, We know that urgent needs must be addressed and that so much support is going to be focused on rebuilding our urban and inner-city communities.  We just have to be ready to receive it.

We Call This A Crisis Cause.

We'll see you there!


Angela & Victor Myles

Founders, The Fundable Church Online Learning Center

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Are You Ready?

See how we secured 7-figures in grant funding including private, corporate and government grants that helped thousands in our community plus 10x'd our church membership, without hiring a grant writer (we wrote for ourselves), chasing down the dollars (they came to us) or being overwhelmed (we built a winning system) 👇🏾