What Everyone Is Not Telling You About Starting A Nonprofit

One of thee most asked questions we get is "how do I start a nonprofit"?  Although there are literally hundreds of "how to" resources online in the form of blogs, checklist, training and even books, somehow the question never seems to go away.

This can only mean one thing.  Either the information is not very accurate or the passion filled visionary that's reading about it is still lost because.... well frankly it's just not clear enough.  We'll go with what's behind door number two. 

And we get it.  One thing that most people won't tell you is that a nonprofit is started in stages. Secondly, some of the information out there is only telling you how to form at the state level.  That's fine of course if you are a church (because churches get automatic exemption) or if you are not looking to get any major or minor funding beyond asking for general donations. But if you are planning on seeking funding, then your best bet is to also seek 501(c)3 tax...

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